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Multimedia Information Management


Credits: 9

Objectives: Providing students with solid background on Multimedia Information Retrieval, Multimedia Content Based Retrieval, Automated Multimedia Content Understanding, Multimedia Data Mining.

Understanding the challenges and issues related to effectiveness, efficiency, and scalability when dealing with very large (web scale) multimedia data sets.

Description: Information in the enterprise context is rapidly becoming more semi-structured and multimedia. Techniques designed to deal with multimedia data, on a very large scale, are becoming crucial and strategic.

The course aims at covering both the theoretical foundations and the practical aspects of Multimedia Information Management and Retrieval.
The main topics addressed in the course are Text-Based Retrieval, Multimedia Content Analysis, Multimedia Content Description, Computer Vision, Multimedia Content Based Indexing, Multimedia Content Based Retrieval, Multimedia Data Mining and Classification, Similarity Searching, Scalable Access Methods for Similarity Searching,
The Lab project will consist in the development of a complete software tool to handle a specific scenario related to Multimedia Information Management and Retrieval.

Assessment: Lab projects and oral test.

Prerequisites: Basics of Database management systems, Java programming, web technologies

Modules: 1

Module 1 (9 Credits): Enterprise Information Management


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