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The number of admitted students is limited to 40 (30 EU and 10 non-EU citizens).

Admission to the Master Programme takes place yearly, and applicants undergo a public evaluation, set by titles and an interview. The selection process aims to evaluate each applicant’s background and education, assessing those potential skills required when attending an interdisciplinary and innovative educational programme.

Applicants are required:

  • a three-year Bachelor of Science ("Laurea di I livello") or equivalent first-cycle degree. Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and degrees in the ICT field are preferred. The required graduation must occur 
    by July 31st 2017 for non-EU applicants  and 
    by December 31st 2017 for EU applicants.
  • fluency in written and spoken English (B1 Level in the European Framework for foreign languages). Proficiency in English for non-EU applicants will be assessed during the admission interview.

Detailed information on the admission competition can be found on th official call. For any other information, please refer to the official webpage of the University of Pisa.


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