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Admission to the master programme takes place yearly.

EU Citizens and Non-EU Citizens residing in Italy

EU citizens and non-EU citizens residing in Italy must apply via the enrollment website of the University of Pisa. If this is your case, please just review the admission requirements and go ahead to the enrollment website, skipping all the information reported hereafter.

Non-EU Citizens not residing in Italy

Non-EU citizens not residing in Italy must apply and undergo an evaluation procedure, described below in detail. Candidates are evaluated based a) on their curriculum; b) a formal interview. Curricula must be provided at application time, along with all the required documentation.

The results of the assessment of all the applications will be published on this site. The website will report the names of applicants admitted to the interview. Each applicant will also receive an email with her/his own result, along with the scheduled time for her/his interview if admitted.


Deadline: April 16, 2018 - 12:00pm (GMT)

In case of problems with the online application, please contact our International Administration Office (e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


In the application form [CLOSED], candidates must state (self declaration):

·         family name, first name, place and date of birth, nationality, gender;

·         declaration that the candidate holds an academic degree; 

·         declaration of knowledge of the English language (mandatory), specifying the duration of studies and declaring the certification held. Proficiency in other languages (including Italian) can also be stated, but it is not a requirement;

·         the permanent address and the mailing address (if different) where applicants will receive paper communications concerning the application. Applicants shall immediately contact the M.Sc. Administration Office (e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), if either of the above addresses, or the e-mail address change. The email address is compulsory for the purposes of this application.

·         which Italian Embassy or Consulate the candidate is going to pre-enroll at. Please note that pre-enrolment is a mandatory requirement for the VISA issue and the matriculation process. Pre-enrolment terms are established by the Italian Embassies or Consulates.

Applicants shall include in the application (all materials shall be in Adobe pdf format and must use the filename conventions indicated below):

a.    Cv_Lastname_Name.pdf: a copy of their complete Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum covering their education program, cultural and professional experiences and all other information that might help in the evaluation of the candidate; 

b.    Certificate_Lastname_Name.pdf: copy of Degree Certificate (if applicable); 

c.     Transcripts_Lastname_Name.pdf: the academic transcript with the full list of courses and grades (in English or Italian). This list should contain information regarding credits, units (or equivalent) received, the grades received for each class taken, and the date when the final examination (if applicable) was taken, provided by attaching the copy of the University Transcript or completing the template provided by the application form; 

d.    Passport_Lastname_Name.pdf: copy of valid passport or any other international ID including the photo;

e.    Other_Lastname_Name.pdf: a copy of any other document or information that they deem suitable (works written in languages other than Italian or English must be complemented by a summary in one of the above languages).

Applications missing any of the above documents are not valid and won’t be further processed. The M.Sc. programme board may request additional documentation. In this case, requests must be fulfilled within two days of the e-mail notification sent by the Masters secretariat.

Regarding their Academic Degree, applicants must specify:

a.    the Degree title and legal duration (which must be at least three years);

b.    the University or University Institute that awarded the degree, the date of graduation, and the final grade achieved, when applicable;

c.     the Academic Year in which the candidate has started his/her undergraduate studies.

For degrees obtained outside Italy, applicants must provide details about the title equivalence; any acknowledgement of such equivalence by the Selection Committee is only for the purpose of the present competition.


Assessment of submitted documentation: April 27, 2018 May 7, 2018  [UPDATED]

Interviews: May 2 to 4, 2018 May 9 to 11, 2018 [UPDATED]
Final list of eligible applicants: May 11, 2018 
May 18, 2018 [UPDATED]


Non-EU applicants will be selected based on all the submitted documents and the results of an interview (if admitted). The selection aims to evaluate the applicants’ background and education, assessing their potential skills and attitude to attend an interdisciplinary and innovative educational programme.

Grades will be given on a scale of one to a hundred points, divided as follows:

a.    up to 60 points for the assessment of submitted documentation, the CV and the courses taken (minimum threshold: 42 points);

b.    the remaining 40 points for the interview (minimum threshold: 28 points).

Applicants whose score in phase a) is lower than 42 points will not be admitted. Applicants whose score meets the minimum threshold in phase a) will be interviewed. Among these, only those whose interview score is greater than, or equal to, 28 points, will be eligible for admission to the M.Sc. programme.

Applicants admitted to the interview will be informed via e-mail (sent to the account indicated in the application form) about the score received, as well as the time and date of the interview. Interviews will be held through videoconference using Skype. The candidate shall provide the proper settings to carry out the video interview and exhibit the ID submitted in the online application. Candidates not attending the interview in their scheduled slot will be excluded.

The list of eligible candidates will be published on this site, ranked by overall score. A maximum of 20 eligible candidates will be admitted, starting from the highest-ranking ones.



Pre-enrollment at Italian Embassies/consulates is mandatory (see step #2 at the "how to enroll" webpage), and applicants are urged to initiate this procedure well in advance of the deadline.


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