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Admission to the Master Programme in Computer Engineering is open to all EU students: No admission quota is foreseen.

Please note that up to 30 non-EU students/year can be admitted to the Msc Programme. In this case, admission is granted on a competitive basis to the best eligible candidates. 

Admission to the Master Programme takes place yearly, and applicants undergo a public evaluation, set by titles and (only for non-EU candidates) an interview.

The evaluation committee, upon reviewing the curriculum of the applicant, may void the application because of evident lack of sufficient background (e.g., in maths, physics, computer engineering/science, other engineering disciplines), or it may ask the applicant for additional examination in some particular disciplines.

Applicants are required:

  • a three-year Bachelor of Science ("Laurea di I livello") or equivalent first-cycle degree. Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and degrees in the ICT field are preferred. The required graduation must occur 
    by July 31st 2016 for non-EU applicants  and 
    by December 31st 2016 for EU applicants.
  • fluency in written and spoken English (B1 Level in the European Framework for foreign languages). Proficiency in English for non-EU applicants will be assessed during the admission interview.



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