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Name: Andrea Bacioccola    

Current Job(2012): Lead Program Manager, NFC, Nokia Corporation (Finland)  

Quote: “All the experience earned while at Ingegneria Informatica was of great value to me and it has been very well acknowledged by my colleagues over my entire career.”    

Study Title: MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Pisa, 2005.  PhD in Information Engineering from the University of Pisa, 2010.  

Full Story: Dr. Bacioccola heads the R&D execution of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology at Nokia across different smartphone platforms (Symbian, MeeGo, Windows Phone). He is a well-known and recognized leader in the NFC industry and ecosystem. Dr. Bacioccola is part of the NFC Forum Board of Directors and he has served as Secretary of the NFC Forum Technical Committee since 2009.  “The Computer Engineering program gave me a unique opportunity to join Nokia for the first time in 2004 while I was working on my Master thesis. The Computer Networking Group of the University of Pisa had a research project funded by Nokia, and my Master thesis was focused in assessing the performance of next generation wireless networks. The knowledge acquired while studying Computer Engineering and the solid preparation of the Computer Networking Group gave me the chance to stand out from the crowd and to get the unique opportunity to work for few months for the biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. After that first experience I got several job offers, despite a shrinking job market. Nevertheless I decided to continue my studies at the University of Pisa and applied for a PhD scholarship with the Computer Networking Group. I continued to work in several research projects with key industry players in telecommunications and computer science. At the end of 2007 I was offered to complete my PhD studies at Nokia. All the experience earned in my years of Computer Engineering was of great value to me and it has been very well acknowledged by my colleagues over my entire career.”

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