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Name: David Mandoloni


Current Job (2012): Design Engineer at Imagination Technologies, London


Quote: “My CV on the Internet often receives very flattering comments from corporate recruiters, which judge it 'very impressive'.”  

Study Title: MSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Pisa, 2011 (108/110)  

Full Story: I work as a Design Engineer for Imagination Technologies, a London-based enterprise that builds graphic engines sold to major mobile companies. I am currently working on Tracing, a software analysis methodology which is highly exploited by embedded/real-time systems manufacturers. I spent my last university year in France, doing a (very well) paid stage within the "Smartphone and Tablet" division of ST-Ericsson. At the end of the stage, having proved myself and given evidence of the manifold expertise achieved in my study course (from concurrent C/Java programming to hardware architectures), despite the ongoing job market crisis, I was in a position to choose among a large set of offers, both within and outside ST-Ericsson. I chose to remain with them, and keep doing what I was doing at the time, i.e. develop multimedia-audio software for the smartphone platform that will be out in months as "Samsung Galaxy S Advanced". For both personal and job-related motivations, I then terminated the contract , and here I am.
After posting my CV on the Internet, where I explain what I learned at the University, I often receive very flattering comments from corporate recruiters, which judge it 'very impressive'. Based on what I can judge, not all the Computer Science/Engineering schools in Europe prepare their students so well as the University of Pisa does.


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