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Virtual and Augmented Reality

Credits: 6

Objectives: The objective of the course is to provide an overview of the opportunities and the main issues related to designing and developing VR/AR systems architectures, both in local and in distributed (even web-based) contexts, and to the development of VR/AR applications with a multimodal perspective and approach.

Description: The course will provide a general introduction of Virtual and Augmented Environments followed by an analysis of features, requirement and issues in real-life applications. In particular, students will acquire competencies about the architectures, integration and applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality systems, the main techniques of multimodal modelling and rendering, the basics of 3D programming in dedicated development frameworks, the most appropriate interaction metaphors for selected applications and the technological foundations of networked and clustered visualization systems. The course will include practical exercises aiming to design and develop a simple 3D real-time interactive applications exemplificative of real-life application contexts.

Assessment: Oral examination, lab project

Prerequisites: None

Modules: 1

Module 1 (6 Credits): Virtual and Augmented Reality


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