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Real-Time and Distributed Systems

Credits: 12

Objectives: The objective of this course is to teach the theoretical background and the basic methodologies for developing time sensitive applications with high degree of concurrency and a set of performance requirements. The course enables the students to design and analyze real-time software in several application domains, as sensory monitoring, robotics, avionics, automotive, multimedia, and biomedical systems.

Description: The first module of the course introduces the computational model of real-time activities with time, precedence, and resource constraints. Practical examples are illustrated to explain how to derive timing constraints from the application requirements. Then, the course focuses on special methodologies for increasing the predictability of computer controlled systems, including scheduling algorithms for periodic and aperiodic tasks, concurrency control protocols for accessing shared resources, inter-task communication mechanisms, overload handling methodologies, and energy-aware algorithms. Analysis techniques are also presented for each method to verify the feasibility of the applications under a set of performance constraints.

The second module of the course focuses on programming concurrent and distributed applications that play a primary role in systems where many events occur simultaneously. It provides an overview of principles of concurrent programming with threads and shared variables, locks and barriers, semaphores and monitors, as well as an overview of principles of distributed programming with processes and message passing mechanisms (asynchronous and synchronous message passing primitives, Remote Procedure Calls and Rendezvous in distributed programs).

Assessment: Written exam and practical project.

Prerequisites: None

Modules: 2

Module 1 (6 Credits): Real-Time Systems

Module 2 (6 Credits): Concurrent Distributed Systems


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