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Dependable and Secure Systems

Credits: 9

Objectives: The objective of this course is to teach the theoretical background and the basic methodologies for developing dependable and secure networked embedded systems. The course enables the students to design and analyze secure and dependable networked embedded systems in several application domains such as (wireless) sensor networks, robotics, avionics, automotive, multimedia, and biomedical systems.

Description: The course deals with 3 topics: security in networked embedded computing systems (security part), dependability in digital control systems (dependability part), and formal methods for embedded and real time systems (formal methods part)

The security part covers the security requirements and a threat model for embedded systems. Furthermore, the course surveys the basic security concepts, including ciphers, hashing algorithms, key management, and digital signatures, and argues about their security and performance. Finally, introductory notions about physical attacks (fault-injection, power and time analysis), tamper-resistance, and secure computing architectures are provided. Case studies will be discussed.

The dependability part covers fundamentals of reliability in digital control systems: faults, errors and failures of hardware/software components; reliable system design techniques and approaches to reliability modeling and evaluation. The course presents a set of development techniques (active/passive hw redundancy, error detecting and correcting codes, self-checking logic, time redundancy, software diversity) that are typically used to improve reliability of embedded systems in specific industrial domains.

The formal methods part covers the fundamental techniques for the formal specification of a system and the formal verification of its properties, with particular emphasis on embedded systems with real time constraints. First an overview of the existing techniques and tools is given; then, a tool based on the model checking technique is studied in greater detail and applied to practical examples.

Assessment: Written exam+ lab project

Prerequisites: None

Modules: 1

Module 1 (9 Credits): Dependable adn Secure Systems


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